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Good counselling forms the basis

The application of HUGO PETERSEN’s Process Integration Network Consulting (PINCTM) already takes a high priority during an initial consultation with our clients.

PINCTM represents a holistic approach to understanding all variables that affect individual processes . Of particular interest to HUGO PETERSEN is to analyse an industrial process and understand how the different variables and constraints interact to produce a particular result.

HUGO PETERSEN’s goal in applying PINCTM is to:

  • Produce the desired product to the required specification and quality
  • Minimise consumption of resources: material, energy, etc.
  • Minimising waste of all kinds
  • Minimising short-term environmental impact and long-term liabilities
  • Maximising product value
  • Maximising return on investment for the customer
  • Maximising the life cycle of the plant
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Brochure – PINCTM

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