Sulphuric acid technologies

Extraction from
sulphide ores

Smelting of sulphide ores in non-ferrous metallurgical plants produces SO2 which is then converted into Sulphuric Acid in a Contact plant.

Extraction from
elemental sulphur

Another possibility for SO2 generation is the combustion of elemental Sulphur with air, which takes place within the framework of a strongly exothermic reaction.

Recovery from
Used Acid / H2S

Recycling of contaminated Sulphurous Acids or H2S-containing waste gases, creates another option for the recovery of SO2 and thus Sulphuric Acid.

Sulphuric acid technology

HUGO PETERSEN has been building Sulphuric Acid plants since 1906, meeting the highest standards & requirements. Thanks to its knowledge of metallurgical and chemical processes, new standards in the production of Sulphuric Acid were developed, with our Tower Plant process effectively replacing the outdated Lead Chamber process. 

HUGO PETERSEN offers tailor-made solutions for its customers and proudly claim to have by far the maximum number of in-house developed Sulphuric Acid production technologies in the world, a feat we are very proud of.

Sulphuric acid plants from HUGO PETERSEN


  • Metallurgical sources
  • Elemental sources
  • Split acid


  • Dry catalysis
  • Wet catalysis
  • Petersen Tower Technology
  • SUPEROX-Technology
  • SUPERCO-Technology


  • Sulphuric acid of any kind
  • Oleum of any quality
  • SO3 and SO2 as gas or liquid
  • Ammonium sulphate

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