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Equipment - Made by HUGO PETERSEN



Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

For more than 50 years, HUGO PETERSEN has been successfully developing and installing wet electrostatic precipitators in the industry


With the greatest experience in sulphuric acid technology, we offer a stainless steel converter for long-lasting functionality

Sulphur Furnace (Oxy Reactor)

Cycloidal reactors are the basis of all sulphur reaction chambers developed by HP since the 1970s

Waste Heat Boiler

Waste heat boilers are used for heat recovery and are thus a heat exchanger for energy recovery

Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger

In developing the next generation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers, both ecological and economic aspects were taken into account

Acid Distributor

Our innovative FaFi acid distributor has been specially developed for the current generation of drying and absorption towers and offers many advantages

Washing-/Absorption Plants

The scrubbing/absorption systems developed by HUGO PETERSEN are effective devices for the removal of particles and pollutants from industrial waste gas streams.

Pressure Jump Separator

First developed by HUGO PETERSEN in 1960, the seperator has undergone many further developments

Turbo- and Centrifugal Agglomerators

Self-conveying aerosol separator for new installations and retrofits

Multi Venturi System

High-performance separation stage for dusts and aerosols, also adapted to the highest gas throughputs

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