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SO2 / SO3 Converter

HUGO PETERSEN, a company with outstanding experience in Sulphuric Acid technology, are pioneers in the use of AISI 321 material family for Converters, offering the following distinct advantages:

  • long service life due to low-stress design
  • high level of material safety
  • combination of membrane/grid technology for optimum performance

Patented Design :

In 2003, HUGO PETERSEN introduced a new patented Converter design which  reduced mechanical stresses at the shell as well as central tube of a fully welded trough of a contact vessel. On the one hand, such a design avoided radial forces and radial stresses without deviating from the membrane trough design, while on the other hand keeping the overall height of the contact vessel as low as possible despite maintaining the design advantages of trough frames.

The fully welded design also allows for easy implementation in revamp/expansion projects as well.


Brochure – Converter technology

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