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References - SX Tower

You can download the list here: Reference list-SX Tower

ClientLocationEquipment TypeYear
New BolidenFinlandAir-Drying Tower (SX) incl. Acid-Distributor (SX)2016
New BolidenFinlandConverter and Gas/Gas-Heat-Exchanger2016
HuntsmanGermanyAcid Distributor (SX), Strainer and Acid Piping (SX)2015
Krimsky TitanUkraine/RussiaAcid-Distributors (SX), Acid Piping (SX)2012
Krimsky TitanUkraine/RussiaConverter, Gas/Gas-Heat-Exchanger, Acid Piping (SX)2012
YaraFinlandAcid Distributor (SX) and Converter and Gas/Gas-Heat-Exchanger, Pump Tank2011
BASFBelgiumAnodic-protected Acid Coolers, SX-Acid-Cooler2011
BASFBelgiumAcid-Distributors (SX), Acid Piping (SX)2011
BASFBelgiumConverter, Gas/Gas-Heat-Exchanger2011
SadaciBelgiumConverter, Gas/Gas-Heat-Exchanger2007
CinkarnaSloveniaAbsorption Tower (SX) incl. Acid-Distributor (SX), Acid Piping (SX)2007
CinkarnaSloveniaDrying Tower (SX) incl. Acid-Distributor (SX)2007
GomelBelarusAcid Distributor (SX), Strainer and Acid Piping (SX)2005
CinkarnaSloveniaAbsorption Tower (SX) incl. Acid-Distributor (SX)2005
TIB-ChemicalsGermanyATS Tower (SX) incl. Acid-Distributor (SX)2004
TIB-ChemicalsGermanyDrying Tower (SX) incl. Acid-Distributor (SX)2000

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